ICC Champions Trophy
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In Pakistan, cricket is considered the most popular sport, even more than hockey, our national sport. It seems that the T20 world cup is now upon us and we are well deep into the matches. People are watching the games with excitement and they are just counting the days Pakistan steps into the field. Just like that, we have yet another piece of news for you.

Pakistan is set to face India in this world cup, which will bring quite a lot of heat to the cup. These two teams have been at odds for many years when it comes to cricket. While fans may support one or the other, it is always fun to watch when the match begins. In light of that, Twitter has a lot to say on the upcoming match, including memes!

Pakistan and India in T20 world cup match
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T20 Pakistan Vs India Hype

As we are already aware, Pakistan has been gearing up for a fierce tournament ahead. We have some of the best lineups among all the teams. Like every year, there has been a lot of pre-game hype and memes on the internet. Not just this, India also released yet another advertisement that highlights the hype of the upcoming match.

As we can see, they have already started to taunt anything that comes their way. However, both teams have players who are willing to give it their best shot and go the entire distance.

Match Coming Soon

As you can see, not only are they going against one other on the field, the fans just keep lifting up the hype. We hope that the match goes by without a hitch, although we have yet to see who will come out on top. The cricket fever is upon us and everyone is ready to watch.

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