osman proposed to meera

Baaji the film has finally released in cinemas nationwide and the reviews seem intriguing enough to make one run to the cinema and grab a ticket.

Meera, Osman Khalid Butt, and Amna Ilyas make for a power packed star cast, and the gripping story makes the film worth a watch.


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Osman has been actively updating her social media accounts with posts full of excitement for Baaji.

In an interview with Dawn, OKB and Meera spoke candidly about their roles and chemistry as co-stars. The actors discussed their experiences on set and how OKB enjpys working with Meera, appreciates her professionalism, and helps Meera with her conversational English.

Meera even jokingly added that OKB has even proposed to her, and then added a mischievous “just kidding” to it.

A month ago, during the promotions of the film, we had asked Meera why she chose Baaji as her comeback film, and here is what she said:

Meera for Baaji: She reveals why she chose this role!

Jokes aside, we look forward to watching the movie and wish Baaji the film all the very best!

Have you made plans for the weekend yet? Perhaps you can watch Baaji! Let us know how you like it when you do.

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