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Netflix shows have won the hearts of fans countless times, Money Heist is one of those shows that has time and time again proven its success.

This time around, Money Heist Season 3 featured a plot revolving around Paksitani hackers and social media just lost it!

Let’s rewind to the story a little.


Season 3 was heartbreaking, but… exciting at the same time! It was emotional as Rio (Miguel Herrán) was captured by the police in the first episode. But, excitement followed as the remaining members of the gang reunite to bust him out!

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What really caught our attention was episode number 2 when the storyline introduces Islamabad-based hackers! It was then revealed a group of 65 highly-intelligent members is helping the Professor (Álvaro Morte) track the data he and his team needs to fight the war.

Tokyo (Úrsula Corberó) narrates as we see a group of people engrossed in their laptops.

With money to invest in R&D, you can achieve wonderful things. 3 weeks prior to the heist, we were inside both the CNI’s and the police’s mobile phone apps like WhatsApp.

We can activate their microphones, cameras, and GPS. It took less than an hour to take over the defense staff’s telecommunications. The work Rio used to do was now done by 65 Pakistanis. They are geniuses, thanks to them, we had access to everything.

This was all that was needed to pump adrenaline into Pakistanis and then in no time, social media lost its mind, celebrating the recognition of Pakistanis being geniuses and highly-skilled.

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Some still could not believe what had happened!

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