Movies That Predicted Metaverse
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The Metaverse, by Mark Zuckerberg, is one of the most popular concepts of today. When it was first introduced, it sparked quite an interest in a lot of people. In fact, it is one of the most interesting parts of this century. To be able to create a universe where people can reside online is quite engaging. There are many movies that actually have this concept embedded within them, long before it was announced. These movies that predicted Metaverse one way or another and have quite a way of representing it.

That said, let us check out some of these movies. These movies show some of the probable aspects of the metaverse.

metaverse and movies inspired from it
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1. Ready Player One

This is one of the best movies out there today. It shows the concept of the metaverse in the perfect manner. In the film, the universe exists with the name of ‘Oasis’. Players can enter and roam and work at will. They can earn and save their progress or they can take part in various events all throughout the Oasis. However, if they die inside the metaverse, they are going to respawn without any of their earnings and accolades. The movie is one of the best representations of the metaverse.

2. Tron

We are not talking about the most recent Tron film, rather the older one from the 80s. It also portrays a dystopian concept lined with an entire universe within. In this, a video game programmer goes head to head against a self-aware A.I, hell-bent on terrorizing the human world. As we dive deeper into the film, it gets more interesting!

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3. The Matrix

We cannot make this list and leave out the most defining movie of the last generation. It shows that humans are living inside a computer simulation that has been designed with the utmost detail. Rather than trying to fight the system, many humans continue to live out their lives inside the simulation, unaware of what is going on. The protagonist, however, comes to know that he is the Chosen One against an army of machines.

4. Minority Report

This film revolves around the concept of the metaverse in a different manner. It shows that humans have developed a new type of technology. It allows them to predict and foresee if a person is going to commit a crime or not. That way, they can prevent the crime before it even happens. However, what happens if there is a flaw in the system?

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5. Inception

This is one of the best movies that was made by Christopher Nolan. Not only is it an example of a universe within a universe, but it also shows much more. It shows that a person can dive deep within certain levels of subconsciousness, the next more unstable than the previous one. The concept is to be able to plant an idea deep inside the subconscious through entering the person’s dream. Check it out if you are a fan of the metaverse. You are going to love this film.

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