Mohsin Abbasi Haider’s Alleged Girlfriend Nazish Jahangir Threatens His Wife!

Fatema Sohail, the wife of famous Pakistani actor Mohsin Abbas Haider shocked the nation when she shared her story of being cheated on and abused by her husband.

She revealed that he was having an affair with model cum actress Nazish Jahangir, to which he has confessed to when confronted.

They two have now filed for divorce. However, Nazish shared a post on Instagram showing a conversation in which she is claiming that Fatema Sohail is abusing her followers.

She wrote that Fatema is bashing and abusing her followers claiming them as her fake accounts.

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She wrote:

So basically I am constantly receiving these kind messages from fake accounts but this is her own account and thought every fake account is mine and she start abusing to that.

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She further warned her and wrote:

Fatima Sohail kindly try to stay away from me. Have your own publicity and stay blessed but next time be careful with your words.

She ended with:

If you use these words again I will report this to cybercrime.


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