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Centaurus Mall, although pretty generic, when it comes to malls, is a must-go for all the tourists visiting Islamabad for the first time. The mall in Islamabad is not all that but it manages to piss others off from time to time with its problematic statements.

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Centaurus Mall in Islamabad

In recent events, the Mall became offensive through its signboard. A signboard that was supposed to get people to wear masks amid COVID-19 did so much more than that. Or maybe it sheds light on an even bigger. But let’s first talk about the signboard. It was placed at the resident entrance.

The signboard read: Poor but not irresponsible.

The picture that accompanied the caption was of two malnourished children who were wearing masks keeping themselves protected against COVID.

Twitter reacts

It is clear from the reactions if the commenter is a classist himself or not. They tried to justify Centarus Mall’s stance on how “look at the point they are trying to make”. Trying to make a safe comeback they tried to be politically correct by saying that the picture of children should not have been used. He clearly did not get the point though because he, too, took being poor as an insult and said, “kids can’t be poor.”

Another netizen even tagged Mohammad Hamza Shafqaat requesting him to get the signboard removed. She said that even if the rich wanted to justify the insulting statement by saying there is an underlying moral-based meaning, it was still demeaning and inappropriate.

Hoping to be a part of the conversation, another netizen entered the arena. He took the conversation one level further by commenting on how the caption on the signboard was also in English.

If you have met a tone-deaf person and they begin singing, you would probably not like that too much.

(I can’t comment though because I would be the one singing.)

Jokes aside, the netizen said that this move was worse than being tone deaf.

Another person even suggested a boycott of the Mall because the rich management clearly deserve a lesson.

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The boycott may just be a good idea because the same entity has been able to frustrate people with their enforcement of the classist divide earlier as well. Some time ago, they had enforced an entry fee that you could earn back if you actually do shopping within the mall. This restricted people from entering if they could not afford the amount.

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