A Recent CCTV In Noor Mukadam's Case Shows The Victim Trying To Escape The House
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A newly released CCTV footage of Noor Mukadam’s case is going viral. The video was released before the prosecution after several promises were made to not release it to the public. However, the video was later released, showing Noor Mukadam trying to leave the house on several occasions.

Newly Released CCTV Footage 

The video shows the victim trying to leave the house on several occasions. However, Zahir Jaffer and the gatekeeper kept putting her inside the cabin every time she tried to escape. In the video, several different clips have been put together of the victim trying to save her life and pleading with the murderers.

In the clip, Noor is seen jumping out of the video only to get caught later by the gatekeeper, who keeps her locked in a cabin. Later, Zahir Jaffer jumped from the terrace of the first floor and grabbed her while dragging her outside the cabin as he attempted to take her inside the house.

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In another clip, Zahir Jaffer appears at the gate and grabs the victim, who pleads to let her go. Zahir Jaffer drags Noor inside the house and at 2:46 am, both were seen leaving the house in the taxi parked outside the home.

At 2:52 am, they both return and enter the house with the bags they had earlier kept in the taxi while the watchman Iftikhar could be seen opening the gate for them.

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Zahir Jaffer also took the victim’s cell phone from her hand as he attempted to lock her inside the cabin. Later, the five to six members team of Therapyworks was seen entering and leaving the building with an injured person at 8:55 pm.

On November 9, the transcript of the exclusive CCTV footage was presented in front of the prosecution before releasing the video.

Pemra’s Notice 

Pemra has issued a notice to ban the airing of CCTV footage by the news channels and the media platforms. The video’s airing is deemed prohibited by the regulatory body and will be marked as a violation of the notice in case anyone attempts to air it on live TV.

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It is still unclear who shared/leaked the video to the media. However, sharing such sensitive moments of the deceased to the entire country goes against ethical and moral values. It can be triggering and heartbreaking not just for the family but also for others.

Noor Mukadam’s Murder

Jaffer is the prime suspect in Noor’s murder case, which shocked the country 4months ago. The gruesome murder, in which Mukadam was beheaded, took place on July 20 in Islamabad’s F-7 area. Noor is the daughter of Shaukat Mukadam, who served as Pakistan’s ambassador to South Korea and Kazakhstan.

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The Islamabad police arrested suspect Zahir Zakir Jaffer on July 20 from his house, where, according to Noor’s parents, he killed her with a sharp instrument and severed her head.

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