lums cuts off financial aid

It has been reported that dozens of students at LUMS, who were able to study at the expensive business school thanks to financial aid, have been denied financial aid for the incoming semester.

The National Outreach Program, which was designed to enable less privileged students to study at LUMS, is not available to facilitate students anymore.

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Which means that bright students will not be able to study further just because their financial status does not allow them to do so.

The stories of students that are now surfacing are nothing short of heartbreaking.

Many of them have taken to Twitter to present their case and plead for external funding, as the students who were surviving on financial aid will not be able to complete their semesters without it.

One such student is Areeba Fatima, below is her story:

Of course, these students have the option of quitting LUMS and finding a cheaper university to pursue a degree at.

However, that would mean their completed LUMS semesters will go to waste, and not everyone can afford the time and luxury of dropping out and starting afresh again.


Some spectators are relating this issue to the fiscal budget introduced for 2019-20.

They are of the opinion that perhaps the financial aid cut-off has happened because of the slash in this year’s Education budget.

Many are condemning the institute and saying that, with this decision, LUMS is only encouraging the idea that quality education is meant for the elite class who is able to afford it.

This is exactly why Waqar Zaka has been petitioning against the Education Department of Pakistan, so that quality education is made available to all without having to pay an arm and a leg.

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Do you think this decision by LUMS will have a majorly adverse impact on the students of Pakistan and their future?

Let us know in the comments below.

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