luckyone mall suicide
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An incident that happened yesterday in a shopping mall did not just shake the city but the entire country as videos started circulating. The triggering video shows a man jumping from the second floor of Luckyone Mall and falling on the level 1 basement. He died on his way to the hospital in the ambulance. Luckyone Mall suicide became the trending hashtag all over social media. But did we stop for once to think about why it happened?

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Luckyone Mall suicide – Who was the victim?

The circulating video took the social worker, Zafar Abbas of JDC to the cold storage where the body of the suicide victim was being kept. Standing next to the victim’s brother, Zafar introduced the victim humanizing the person who took an extreme step. Turns out, the hyped suicide victim was Zohair Hasan son of Hashim Abidi. Zohair was twenty-eight years old. He was a young man who graduated with BSc Honours in Mathematics. However, he did not have a job and was making only PKR 5,000 a month.

Zafar Abbas requested people to stop circulating the suicide video from the mall.

Raises questions of unemployment

This incident has raised many questions. One cannot, in any circumstance, justify suicide but what led to it? Can one give this scenario any attention? The petrol prices keep rising. Because of this one product, everything in the market becomes expensive. Today, one can only cover their monthly bus fares in the small amount that is Rs 5,000. Who will pay for food, clothes, rent, electricity, water? Paying for all these necessities becomes unimaginable if you do not have a job. But why did Zohair not have a job? It was not like he was not educated. He had passed his BSc with a first-class division, hadn’t he?

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Let’s say he was not getting a job in the corporate world, he could have gone with a government job. But the reason, Zafar Abbas alleges, was that he did not qualify on the quota system.

Whatever Zohair may be suffering from, his unemployment became the triggering force that led him to take the extreme measure. Hopefully, people in high places, people drafting policies will factor this in. They will create better policies so that no other Zohair takes a similar course of action.

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