jemima goldsmith

Time and again, Jemima Goldsmith Khan has expressed her love for our nation, proving that her loyalty will forever lie with us.

Consequently, Pakistanis will too continue showering her with affection and have a special soft spot for her, given that she is the ex-wife of our Prime Minister, Imran Khan.

However, Twitterverse is always rooting for Khan and Jemima to re-unite, shamelessly pestering her with annoying questions related to the PM.

Jemima Takes a Hilarious Dig at Imran Khan

Recently, such an episode happened again on social media and Jemima, yet again, did not appreciate the comment.

Here’s what happened!

Jemima took to Twitter and expressed her views on the current situation of Brexit!

And you won’t believe what the first comment on her tweet was- a Pakistani fan asking the following question: ‘Do you still love Imran Khan?’

Seems like Jemima is now bored with all such questions and couldn’t help responding: 

This is always going to be the first reply to every tweet for the rest of my life until I’m dead.

Noticing Jemima’s exasperation, her fans were quick to express that they adore her a lot and hence, these questions will never stop coming.

Imran Khan Wallpapers Take Over an Apple Store in London!

This is not the first time, the British beauty has been asked such a question, but her replies always make us laugh!

Despite their parting ways, Jemima has shown that she will stand with Imran Khan and Pakistanis no matter what.

She has shown to the world how couples can be friends and remain civil even after a divorce.

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