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Many were disgusted by the news about the rape of a woman right in front of her children. Even though women shouldn’t have to carry self-defense weapons for their protection but the sad fact is, they need to. Below are listed a few self-defense weapons women can use and be safe.

Disclaimer: These are to be used only when in serious situations like what happened on the motorway!

1. Self Defense Taser

This is a kind of device that you can use to shock your assailant electronically. Most of the time, the danger is only noticeable when right in front of you. So keep in mind, this is a close-range weapon. The taser will incapacitate the attacker no matter where aimed. The batteries should be changed regularly and kept in close reach when outside. Do not repeatedly jolt the attacker because it might prove fatal; you don’t need a murder lawsuit over your head after narrowly escaping rape.

Self Defense
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2. Pepper Spray

This is another close-range weapon and it affects everyone differently. The attacker wearing glasses might have inhaling problems only, while the one with naked eyes will lose sight for a while. Keep in mind that the wind plays a role in this. Make sure that the wind blow the spray towards the person assaulting you, not you. This must be used when you have a chance of disabling the attacker or a case of escaping by either rendering him unconscious or tying him up.

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3. Tactical knife

These are small knives concealed entirely inside a pen or a comb. This is a dangerous weapon because it can break the skin of the assailant and injure him with precision, and hence it is mostly found in surgeries. Tactical knives are all about the element of surprise, so the best way to use it would be to attack somewhere non-fatal; as said above, you don’t need a murder lawsuit. To follow the law, make sure it’s not longer than 4 inches. Make sure it’s not too thick as well so that it can be easily used without anything hampering you when protecting yourself.

Self Defense
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4. Tactical key chains

This is a convenient one for, I think, all women out there. Remember, brass knuckles; they inspire the key chains. What they are is simple enough. They seem like familiar key chains with holes for your fingers to hold it properly with spikes on the outside. Keeping these at hand will surely be reassuring. And like pepper spray, these might not hinder the attacker permanently. So keep an escape plan in mind. These key chains look cute enough to be of no notice from the predators out there.

Self Defense
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5. Flashlight

I know it doesn’t seem trusty enough by we are not talking about those small ones. The ones which will be weapons for you should be more than at least 10 inches and favorably of a metal exterior so that when swung at the attacker, the damage is done. Another way too use it is to blind the assailant temporarily. For this, the flashlight needs to have high power. Some even come with strobe functions to halt the attacker for a moment or two. Having a bright light will also grab the attention of passersby.

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These five self-defense weapons are just precautionary measures that you need to have, considering the environment these days. That said, we hope that the men also get a grab on themselves and stop committing crimes that make women feel unsafe.

Moreover, these have been compiled by research from Dawn, Women on Guard, and tbotech.

Remember: These are to be used only when in serious situations like the one on motorway!

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