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Every now and then, cases of men exercising their power over women come in front of our eyes. Those instances (be it of killing, raping, or exposing their bodies) are jail-worthy but the fact that men continue doing such crimes is because no harsh punishment is administered as such. It is clear that men already feel powerful in front of women so if it is a policeman, they feel like they have double the power; because they feel the law is on their side.

The current situation

A policeman from Lahore exposed his naked body parts to a woman. He was a trainee assistant sub-inspector in the Shadbagh police station. This event happened as he was arresting her two sons. Allegedly, he had arrived in front of the woman’s house on hearing a gunshot. He arrested a boy on the scene. When the boy’s brother came out and tried to save the boy, the policeman arrested him as well.

As he was putting the boys in the van, their mother arrived and got into the van herself to not let the boys go alone. Here, the policeman started insulting him by exposing himself and making gestures with his hands.

Here’s the video

Policeman arrested

Considering our nation is one where we need social media to hold culprits accountable in this instance too, immediate action was taken. The policeman was suspended immediately. The charges against him were ‘abusing woman while entering the police mobile.’

To clarify the situation, the police updated their official Twitter account. In the tweet, they said that the police officer has been arrested on the orders of Punjab IG Inam Ghani.

It was also mentioned that the man will be dismissed from his current job as a police officer and tried for his crimes. The conclusive sentence in the tweet said that “What is a crime for others is a crime for a police officer too.”

In writing, it does seem reassuring but we cannot discount the fact that the hierarchy in our country or any country for that matter is such that the ordinary citizens are scared of them.

The question, hence, is if there was video evidence, would such immediate action still be taken?

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