Amongst all social media platforms, Instagram is rising to the top. It would come as no surprise to many if the application even beats the popularity of Facebook!

Be it millennials, adults, or even businesses; everyone knows that this is the application you need to be on if you want to make your social media presence and flaunt those photography skills.

In case if you are new or use Instagram not-too-often, here are some of the most useful and vital secrets to grow followers and expand your reach you wish you knew beforehand.

1. Use Special Fonts in Bio

Instagram fonts

Have a boring bio? Why not stand out from the crowd by using funky fonts for your profile, and add some emojis to top it off. Using third-party websites, you can copy the text of choice in different font options.

If you’re editing your Instagram profile on your laptop or desktop, you can use FontSpace and download/copy a new font for your bio in mere seconds.

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2. Keep Business and Personal Accounts Separate

Insta business profile

Often, individuals set up an online shop setup or promote their business using personal profiles. Not many people are aware that businesses can get more reach from business profiles compared to individual ones.

3. You can Schedule Instagram Content

Yes, you can schedule content on Instagram just like you can do so for Facebook. Many marketers have thought of it as a very useful tool to keep proper consistency by maintaining a certain frequency of posts so that their profiles can reach maximum individuals.

Applications like Buffer and Later help in scheduling a queue of photos to make an Instagram calendar and use it to advantage with the help of hashtags.

4. Draft Important Posts for Ready-to-Go Content

Instagram draft

At times, people on the other end of the account fall short of time and are unable to scan for new posts or schedule new ones. This is where drafted content comes in handy. Before heading out, marketers can draft some images and video to keep as backups so that if there is an urgent need for a post for a slot, there will always be a savior post.

5. Do Not be Afraid of Using External Editing Applications


Many Instagram users play around with the editing features the application provides them with and publish their content. However, there are tons of applications that make images more fun by adding a unique element.

Applications like Snapseed and Facetune will make your content stand out with powerful editing tools and features. Try it to believe it!

6. Encourage Engagement – Use Popular Phrases and Abbreviations

If you see top influencers using ‘LB’, ‘CB’, ‘FB’, do not worry- these terms simply mean like back, comment back and follow back. These terms and abbreviations are used to encourage engagement from existing followers and potential followers.

Have any more secrets you want to share with us? Write them down for us in the comments below.

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