World Record Egg

The world was taken aback when Kylie Jenner’s world record of the most-liked Instagram post was broken, by an EGG!

A picture of an egg was posted on 4th January with the caption “Let’s set a world record together and get the most liked post on Instagram.”

Just 10 days later, 25 million people were already following the account. In no time, it surpassed Kylie’s post by 18 million likes and not only broke but also set a new world record.

While the account holder’s name is still unknown, some details have surfaced about the mastermind behind the idea.

During an interview with The Independent, the account holder shared:

I’m an individual living in London. I wish I could tell you how I managed to get the egg photo to go viral but I’m still working that out myself. It’s been a whirlwind week and I’ve just been running with it.

It was quiet for the first few days with only 8,000 likes on Tuesday night. But then on Wednesday, the likes started to pick up then the followers built up over the weekend.

I thought it would be an interesting experiment to try and beat the record with something as basic as possible. Which led to me deciding on the egg. I guess it’s also a comment on celebrity culture and how fragile and easily cracked it is  – pun intended. But really I just thought it would be funny if something as simple as an egg could take the crown.

Previously, brands such as Wendy’s offered free chicken nuggets for a Twitterati who’d had to get 18mn re-tweets in order to keep the vitality of the post going. The stunt earned a decent number of 3.5 million retweets in no time- it is also the most re-tweeted tweet ever!

While we still have a long way to go to uncover what might be coming after Eugene the egg.

The account holder simply had to say:

What’s next for the egg? I’ve got a few ideas. Stay tuned.

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