Struggling to find the perfect angle for a perfect selfie? It’s safe to say that you are not the only one.

Posing for a perfect selfie can consume many hours but let’s not waste more time when it can’t get any easier than this.

Read the following tips to get a perfect selfie without much hassle.

Find the Perfect Light

Find the perfect light-selfie

Just like in photography, light plays a vital role in how a selfie will look. Make sure to get enough light to get amazing skin and hair for the selfie. Also, it is always better to go with natural light.

Use Rule of Third

rule of third-selfi

Follow the rule of third as in photographs. i.e. place your face in either top right or top left instead of center. Putting yourself at one-third of the frame will surely make you look better.

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Find your Good Side

fund your good side- selfie

Know your good side and bad side. Either a right-faced or left-faced selfie can make a huge difference for different people so it is advisable to know your angles before taking a selfie next time.

Tilt Your Head

tiltt your head-selfie

Tilting your head to a side can make a great difference, making one look younger. So slightly tilt your head in your next selfie to get that awesome look.

Shoot from above

shoot from above -selfie

To get that baby face in all the perfect and cute selfies you have ever seen, the camera placement is the most important element. Place your camera higher than your shoulders at your arm length to get that flattering look.

Use Filters

use filters- sonakshi sinha

What better can it get to have a wide range of filters to perfect your angles and complexion? Experiment with different filters to get the desired look complimenting your mood.

Extend your neck forward

nargis fakhri- extend your neck

You surely don’t want to have a double chin in your next selfie so extend your neck forward. This will not only help you avoid double chin but will also accentuate your jawline.

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Balance out Shadows

balanceout shadows

Shadows if done right can create the big impact in your perfect selfie, making your face more angular by highlighting some area while also help in showing off your makeup.

A Full body Shot

full body shot - selfie

Taking a full body shot gives you more option to play with rather than just your face. Rather than shooting straight, it is best to angle your body to a little right or left to bring out the best in you.

Express to Impress

express to impress

Last but not the least, use your emotions to make your selfies vibrant. Smile, frown, play or pout to add color to your selfie.

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