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What happens if one day you pick-up your Android phone, press the power button and there’s no response?

You end up staring at a blank screen only to realize that your phone is… DEAD! The situation is nerve-wracking and can put even the tech-enthusiasts of people into a tight spot.

However, there is a way to revive a dead Android phone!

There are some rather simple troubleshooting ideas that you can take to identify the problem and try to fix it.

Before you take your phone to your carrier, try figuring out the problem yourself, by doing the following steps:

1. Plug in the Charger

How to Revive a Dead Android Phone

If there is a charger near you, grab it, plug it in and hit the power button again. The battery might just be dead as it is not unheard of defective batteries losing charge abruptly.

Once the cable is plugged into the phone, it should be able to start up. If your phone has lights for notifications, this is a good way to know if the charging indicator comes on. The very least that means that the circuit from the USB to the main port is working fine.

If this works, then you might just have a broken battery, which can be easily replaced, however, if this still does not, then its time to take some drastic steps.

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2. Send a Text to Wake it up

How to Revive a Dead Android Phone

If you’re unable to connect your phone to a power source, you can ask someone to send you a text message or give you a call.

This way you can check to see if your phone is operating behind the scenes. If you get a notification sound, or the screen comes on for a call, you could just be having issues with your power button.

This can be replaced and fixed quite cheaply if your phone isn’t under warranty if it is then head to your carrier straight away.

3. Pull the Battery

How to Revive a Dead Android Phone

This is a quick fix to wake up your sleeping phone, simply pull out the battery and then plug it back in a few moments later.

It is possible that your phone is just having a system hang, and in rare circumstances, Android systems have been known to freeze quite poorly, so poorly that even by pressing the power button, there is no response.

The only slight risk of this is that you might end up losing unsaved work, but desperate times require desperate measures.

Once the battery is plugged in again, check if your phone can get to restart. If the phone still does not boot up, take a look at the battery compartment, there will be a small square of what appears to be a white paper embedded in this area.

This is the moisture indicator and if it has turned pink or red even partially, this means your phone has been exposed to water and it means your warranty is shot and the phone is dead.

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4. Use Recovery Mode to Wipe the Phone

How to Revive a Dead Android Phone

If the phone shows partial signs of life, starting up and hanging or quickly crashes back to the non-responsive state, you might wanna factory reset it.

A bad error or a random error could have corrupted your OS, so now you try accessing recovery mode on your phone as it starts up.

While doing this, you will need to hold down a few buttons until the phone starts up to get into the boot.

The screen after doing this will display a text, but there should also be a recovery option appearing, press that and you will get a screen with a phone & an exclamation point over it.

5. Time to Contact the Manufacturer

How to Revive a Dead Android Phone

If all fails, it’s time you called up the manufacturer or your carrier. If it’s under warranty you’ll get a new phone. If not then you will need to pay for refurbishment or a brand new phone.

So the next time, your phone hangs up, try these basic steps and it could end up saving a lot of money.

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