Last night Trade Development Authority Pakistan’s (TDAP) fashion show which was held as a part of this year’s Textile EXPO (TEXPO2023) ended. However, the final day of the fashion show turned into a chaotic event when an alleged fight between the ace models of the Pakistani industry broke out. At the center of the controversy, a video was released by a Pakistani tabloid that captured Lehri shouting at a group of supermodels.

In the same clip models including Nimra Jacob were seen crying and shouting. Amidst the video, Nimra is seen explaining how Lehri has thrown his hands on her and was about to hit her.

“He threw his hands on me and tried to punch me in the face. I’m so shaken right now.” Said Nimra in the video clip.

What Went Down?

Nimra Jacob, later, took to her Instagram stories to share what happened at the event and moved on to condemn the situation asking the authorities to take immediate measures to protect the safety of women while holding the perpetrators accountable.

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“We, in the fashion industry, have seen too much abuse, disrespect, and complete, utter negligence for our safety to tolerate it anymore. I have no space in my heart for forgiveness when it comes to abuse, harassment, bullying, assault, etc.”

Image source: Instagram

She wrote further, “Without any plausible cause, threats were made at me. I was verbally abused and physically assaulted. My property was taken and used to blackmail me. My female colleagues were harmed in the process of trying to protect me. This all happened at work, where I made sure to bring it to the attention of the management that I was being threatened by the perpetrator before he even became violent. The management should have taken action the first time I mentioned concern for my safety.”

Image source: Instagram

Lehri Strikes Back

While giving his statement to The Express Tribune Lehri denied any claims of assault made against him. Lehri claimed that Jacob was the one who started the scene and misbehaved with him in the first place. According to Lehri Jacob purposefully bumped into him during the ramp walk for the sportswear brand, Spartans and asked him to learn the ramp walk.

“During the crossing at the ramp, Jacob hit my shoulder. We went backstage and she walked towards me, asking me to learn how to walk on the ramp. This resulted in an argument and she brought my deceased father into the conversation.”

“I come from a very respectful family, we aren’t the kind of people who would get into an issue as petty as this.”

According to Lehri Jacob was the one who started recording the argument. While Nimra accused Lehri of taking over his belongings Lehri shared his stance as to why he held her phone back.

“Filming isn’t acceptable and I took her phone. That is all I did. I took the phone from her hand and kept it with me because she was recording me without my consent. She just wanted to show her side of the story,” he said. “I wish I had taken out my phone and started recording how she was misbehaving as well.”

“With God as my witness, I can swear on the Holy Book that all I did was take her phone. I didn’t assault anyone, I didn’t physically abuse her. Her three friends teamed up against me. They will support her,” he added

Organiser’s Stance On The Incidence 

The event organizer and CEO of Take II PR. Khaled shared how nothing went down that had been claimed by both parties.

“Nobody raised hands on anybody. It was an old feud between these two models that’s been going on for years – a grudge they had to settle. It was a childish catfight, with ‘Oh, he elbowed me,’ and ‘Oh, this person abused my father or mother.’ But what is happening these days is that people start making videos and putting them on social media to achieve something out of it.”

“After investigating the whole thing last night – I can confirm nobody touched anybody. I would have never allowed that. I would have called the police there and then. Nobody punched anybody. We told the girls last night, too – get a medical done. But nobody went because there was nothing there.”

Upon asking about the police involvement, Khaled said, “Not at all. It was badly reported by social media. No police were involved. People said Lehri was taken in by the police, but he was sitting with me. We sat him down and asked him to apologize and he did.”

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