hajj 2021
Image Source: Dawn

Hajj is the most auspicious time for all Muslims around the globe. Every year, people pray to be one of the shortlisted who can go for Hajj. Not only is it expensive, however, but because of COVID, Hajj 2021 has also become inaccessible for millions.

Hajj in the past

This year (2021) and the last (2020) witnessed a very small number of Hajis because of COVID restrictions. Last year, only 10,000 people were allowed to perform Hajj. And this year, the number has only gone up to 60,000. This is a very small number if you compare it to the usual Hajj crowd, which would easily come up to a few million.

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Viral tweets from Hajj 2021

Ever since Hajj 2021 proceedings began, Muslims, who are not a part of the event, are virtually following it through the stills and videos shared on Twitter.

The most amazing moment that has the viewers saying MashaAllah is the moment of Ghilaaf e kaaba change. As the old kiswa (as the ghilaaf is called) falls down and the new one takes its place, you can’t help but admire the people who have the good luck of participating in this.

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Instead of millions going for Hajj this year, only a few thousand make their way to the Kaaba. As we pray for being selected next year-round, let’s ensure that we follow all COVID SOPs so that the pandemic nears the end, and the restrictions lift in Saudi Arabia.

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