Global Warming Leading To Extreme Climate Change Around The World

global warming
Image Source: Daily Sabah

While people debate whether global warming is real or not, climate change continues to wreck the world. The key evidence that tells you whether it is real or not, however, is seeing its consequences around you. Global warming itself is an intangible concept but climate change is visible and it has increased in intensity in the last few years.

Let’s look at some of the most recent and drastic global warming or climate change consequences that hit the world which left people widely displaced as they lost their homes and workplaces.


Last year, we saw Australia suffering from fire. It continued for days. Being a relatively new phenomenon, the whole world rallied in support of the country, its people, and its animals as well. But the horrendous fire has become an almost regular concept as it hit multiple countries this year, leaving ruins in its wake. The recent victims of the fire are Turkey, Greece, and Spain.

Flash flood 

Islamabad witnessed the most horrific time at the end of July. A city specifically designed to be one of the best, experienced a flash flood for the very first time. It saw heavy rain that was focused in a small area which made people assume that this was a cloudburst. After that, the water flooded the streets of Islamabad, breaking roads, and sweeping away cars.

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For Karachiites, flooding is common; at least every time there are rains in Karachi. But this time, Germany, Canada, and China also witnessed flooding. People had to go about their daily lives waist-deep in water.

Image Source: BBC


Do you remember the cyclone-scare that Pakistan had not too long ago? While the cyclone cleared away from Pakistan, it did hit India and with a scary intensity. Almost 174 people lost their lives.

Rat Plague (Australia)

In another installment of the consequences of global warming, Australia saw the rat plague. Millions of mice appeared all of a sudden. Could it be because of the changing climate? Or is it because after the fire and predicting much more intense climates in other places, the rats migrated to Australia?

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Imagine being in that place at that time. Aside from the rats ruining the crops, just the huge number of mice would have induced a rat phobia in the Australians. Who is to say that they would not have developed PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) after that?

rat plague global warming
Image Source: The Scientist Magazine

One expects developed countries to be more equipped at handling problems and they are. But when the disasters are extreme, almost climactic, can even developed countries handle that? The only way out of experiencing catastrophes is to limit our carbon footprint and as result, alleviate global warming.

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