Polio Workers
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Living in the cities where we do not get much snow, we do not realize the issues that befall people who get tons of it. And maybe, in developed countries, it might not be that much of a problem because for some time now, they have figured out how to work around the snow infested days and clear it. But in Pakistan, a developing nation, the situation is quite different. We have Karachi, the largest city in Pakistan, that floods during rains, and we also have cities that become choked when it snows. But does that stop our polio workers?

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Polio workers making way across the snow

A video was recently uploaded on Twitter that showed two female polio workers making their way across a snowy route in Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK). The snow came up to their waists. Every step they took would sink deep. The clothes they wore seem like daily wear, shalwar kameez, and they had no gloves.

People who have lived in these areas will tell you that while it snows, it is not that cold, but when the snow settles, it gets unbearably cold. Plus, as they venture deep into the snow, they would feel tired with every step, but they cannot because that could very possibly lead to frostbite. Yet, they continue on their journey because they have to deliver the vaccines to people living there.

Twitterati in conversation

When Twitterati saw this struggle, they couldn’t help but admire and appreciate the struggle the workers were going through. Moreover, they felt for the workers, who they said, were getting negligible salaries compared to the struggle they were enduring.

People also shared the right tools polio workers should be provided with, which could help move through the terrain. It could very well limit the feet, sinking multiple feet under the snow. Moreover, the dresses could be one that does not soak in the snow and make their clothes all wet.

But as people admired the polio workers and mentioned what further measures they could utilize, there was another narrative that appeared in the comments. The narrative was to stop romanticizing the struggle. And it made quite some sense too. Instead of just labeling them heroes and getting rid of all the responsibilities from your shoulders, we need to understand that there is no point in forcing them to be heroes. Instead, we should consider them human employees who deserve the right tools and equipment to carry out their jobs.

Maybe, if we, as a whole nation, unite to present this point to higher authorities, the right kind of action can be taken.

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