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Tragedies, one after the other, keep striking the world. After the pandemic, the forest fire, the rat infestation, and whatnot, there are floods in Germany now. The flood has been, for a lack of a better word, disastrous. It has left numerous dead, infrastructures in ruins, and many people are still missing.

Floods In Germany

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As the water struck the German cities with full force, it created huge ditches in the middle of the road. Not to mention, how the streets were covered with fast-flowing water, restricting movement. Due to this, numerous people were unable to get to safety. In the pictures surfacing, it is clear that they sought refuge in hurry at any high altitude they could find, in hopes that ‘their’ building would not be swept with the water.

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As we compiled a list of videos and pictures of the affected areas, we were left with goosebumps wondering how people would have navigated life in those few days. They must have experienced fear of the unknown; how much water would flood the house, would the house floor give way, or maybe a ditch is formed in the center of their abode.

Videos and pictures of Germany reshared on social media

The people stuck, started making videos and shared them on social media. Those videos began going viral. We have compiled the videos that will jerk you awake at the tragedy of the poor residents.

Flooded Rhineland Palatinate; Nicos Panoptikum shared a horrifying video of how you cannot see even a glimpse of land with all the water.

Breaking of a dam is the scariest for people living nearby.

This is the stuff of nightmare, surely.

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One thing that does not make sense, however, is that floods are not new for Germany. Then, why did their emergency alert system not work?

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