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The German cabinet has passed a new law which has made it easier for immigrants to find employment opportunities. The laws have made it comparatively easier for lower-skilled foreigners to find a residency.

The new policy encourages workers who reside outside the European Union with lower qualifications to enter the country and find employment for a duration of 6 months.

However, the individual will be responsible to fund their own stay and have knowledge about the German language if they wish to find work.

Previously, the policy stated that only highly qualified workers like doctors, engineers, IT professionals and academics could make the most of the opportunity.

Germany’s New Immigration Laws to Attract Foreign Skilled Workers

Germany has a very open system for highly qualified migration but was quite closed for medium-qualified

This is the area where labor shortages are particularly strong. The new law opens up in the mid-skilled segment. -Thomas Liebig of the OECD group of industrialized nations

Previously, Germany was in talks with the Government of Pakistan to encourage Pakistani skilled workers to fill the worker shortage requirements. Both the governments have exchanged thoughts over this.

Germany has requested Pakistan to prepare their workers by providing them with basic training and language classes so that they are groomed and eligible for the opportunities.

Jobs in Germany for Pakistanis: 3 Million Vacancies Available!

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