Just when we thought, the Barbie trends were over, a social media user jibed back with an invention we couldn’t have even imagined in our dreams. When Barbie-themed food comes to mind, we have seen everything from pink drinks to pink burgers. However,  who would’ve thought that they would get to see pink biryani one day as well? Well, not us!

Mumbai baker Heena Kausar Raad has stirred up online chatter with a surprising culinary creation: pink biryani. Organizing a Barbie-themed party, she merged the popular pink trend with the traditional biryani dish, sparking controversy and intense discussions online.

The Barbie-themed party, dedicated to celebrating all things Barbie, featured a range of delicacies inspired by the iconic doll. The most controversial dish was a container filled with pink biryani, accompanied by matching pink raita and other themed dishes. Heena enthusiastically shared videos of her culinary creations on Instagram.

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The video begins with a room adorned with pink and silver balloons. The baker stands in front of a table draped in a matching color scheme. As the video continues, she exclaims, “Isn’t the Barbie biryani looking good? Pink-colored masala, pink-colored rice.” She then showcases the pink raita she prepared to complement the dish.

The whimsical touch of pink in the most beloved food items of all time didn’t sit well with the netizens and social media users. While many urged the creator of the iconic biryani to stop with these experiments, others asked her to delete the video right away.

Image source: Instagram
Image source: Instagram

What are your thoughts on this bizarre biryani sighting? Let us know if you would be willing to try this in the comments below.

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