Pepsi takes a playful jab at Coke
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Pepsi and Coke are often the subject of many heated food-related debates. You will always find people contesting for either side and defending their stance on it, no matter which side they are on. Additionally, people want to make sure that the product they are defending is the best one ever, be it Pepsi or Coke. Thus, not just the people, but the brands themselves often take jabs at each other.

In a recent news, it seems that Pepsi took a jab at Coke in an advertisement running through Sidney agencies. Yes, the jab was playful but it was quite ingenious. It was circulated among the people of the community quite a lot of times and everyone found it quite tasteful. In the advertisement, the Coke can was placed on the table but was put at an interesting angle where you could only see the ‘Ok’ of ‘Coke’.

pepsi takes jab at coke on advertisement
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Pepsi Taking Ingenious Steps

As you can see above, the advertisement points towards the idea that, with such delicious food, Coke tastes ‘Just Ok’, with picking the two letters from the Coca Cola can. To counter that, Pepsi wrote at the bottom that the food ‘Tastes better’ with Pepsi. This is something that impressed a lot of people because it showed immense creativity. They directly used the competitor’s product without revealing it completely.

Not only that, but they did this with multiple food products within the same advertisement. One should go out and praise the creativity team at Pepsi because they seem to have taken a lead on this. Of course, this call cannot go unanswered and we can expect Coke to retaliate in some manner sooner or later.

Taking a jab at each other by two beverage companies
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Pepsi Or Coke?

The debate of Coke vs Pepsi is a never-ending one and we can find contestants for both ends. Even if, finally, one side does come up with pointers that cannot be argued against, the people will still not accept it. Those who drink Coke find it the superior drink and those who have Pepsi find it the superior drink.

Which one do you think tastes better? Let us know in the comments below.

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