Coca-Cola is set to become more flavorful with the introduction of a new permanent variant, “Coca-Cola Spiced”. This marks the first permanent addition to Coca-Cola’s lineup in three years, featuring a blend of raspberry and spice flavors available in regular and zero-sugar options.

Described as, Coca-Cola, only spiced, the new flavor aims to elevate the classic Coca-Cola taste by infusing it with refreshing raspberry and spiced notes, according to Coca-Cola.

What Does ‘Spiced Coke’ Tastes Like?

According to Coca-Cola, Coke Spiced features raspberry notes along with a blend of aromatic spices. In the regular Coke version, the raspberry flavor is prominent initially, while the spices are subtle and require focused attention to detect. Coca-Cola has not disclosed the specific spices used, making it difficult to identify them. However, in Coke Spiced Zero Sugar, the flavor of Coke Zero Sugar is more pronounced, with raspberry notes in the background and minimal presence of the spice blend.

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The introduction of this new variant aligns with Coca-Cola’s emphasis on innovation within its brand strategy.

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“Innovation is so critical to Coca-Cola’s brand strategy – we’re constantly looking at industry trends and exploring new ways to offer our customers more choice,” Vice President Marketing Sue Lynne Cha said in an email. “We are always innovating with new flavors to offer new experiences for our fans.

Adding, “People want to experiment with unique flavors and Coke Spiced is a direct response to that trend.”

“Happy Tears” – Coca-Cola 

Meanwhile, an exclusive to TikTok known as “Happy Tears” is also in the works by the Coca-Cola company.

The new flavor will be exclusively sold on TikTok in a “hype kit” package, which includes two cans of Coke Happy Tears Zero Sugar, a pack of tissue papers, “Happy Tears” stickers, and apparel, all available while supplies last. This marks Coca-Cola’s first-ever product launch directly on a social media platform. The cans and packaging of the hype kit feature an embossed iridescent drop of joy.

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The flavor, crafted under Coke Coca-Cola Creations, draws inspiration from the simplicity of happy tears – a small, clear droplet filled with optimism and joy that’s born from the smallest acts of kindness, according to Coca-Cola.

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