First Pakistani Female Mountaineer To Summit Everest On The Mission To K2

Samina Baig first pakistani female mountaineer
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Ali Sadpara, the high-altitude mountaineer, lost his life climbing the Killer Mountain, K2. Instead of people getting scared of it, there has been a flurry of activity around the less-traveled mountain. Samina Baig, the first Pakistani female mountaineer who summited Everest, was also making her way to the peak of K2.

First Pakistani female mountaineer to summit Mount Everest

Samina was born in Gilgit Baltistan, she always dreamt of climbing mountains and was able to summit Everest (8,849m) at the young age of 21. She was in fact, the first Pakistani woman to do that. Samina already holds the honor of scaling the Seven Summits, the seven highest peaks in the world.

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Now thirty years old, Samina was making her way to get to the peak of K2. The expedition started in June and was already midway. In fact, today on the 27th of July, they were to summit the mountain. Samina’s brother Mirza Ali who was leading the expedition had said that they are expected to complete their mission by August 8th.

K2 – The Killer Mountain

While Mount Everest is the highest peak in the world and K2, the second-highest (8,611m), the latter is more dangerous which is why while Everest gets frequented by thousand of mountaineers, very few approach K2. The dangers that those brave mountaineers have faced have led to the mountain being nicknamed, Killer.

Yes, people, Pakistanis specifically, have summitted the Killer Mountain in the past, Ali Sadpara included. The first Pakistani did it in 1977, but were Samina be able to do it, she would have been labeled the first Pakistani female mountaineer to summit K2.

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Ali Sadpara – the legend

It is the same mountain where Ali Sadpara went missing hoping to summit K2 during winter as well. It would have been a major achievement because, during winters, the conditions of the peak become more savage. Unfortunately, however, the Pakistani mountaineer along with the two other foreign mountaineers went missing. They were declared dead months ago. Their bodies have now been found near the bottleneck, the most dangerous of the places on the mountain.

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As is clear that the conditions of the mountain are unpredictable and quickly take the turn for the worst, you never know what can happen in a mere few hours.

The mountaineer has announced that unfortunately she will be calling her mission off and returning. While Samina must be disappointed but she clearly is a source of inspiration for future female mountaineers who share her dream. Hopefully, soon, we will see more girls reaching for K2’s summit.

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