Ali Sadpara
Image Source: Dawn

The Pakistani Mountaineer Ali Sadpara has been reported missing during his climb along with climbers from Iceland and Chile. The news has gone viral, and his son has also stated that his father’s chances are slim. Sadpara’s search continues to detect any traces of him.

The mountain climber and his plans

Considering Ali Sadpara is a veteran mountain climber, maybe just maybe he was able to survive it. Moreover, he had said right before he went missing that were he ever to get lost on the mountain, he would make an ice room and would be able to stay in it for a few days even without food and water. Scientifically speaking, if he can make the room in time, this is entirely possible since the most significant danger is the cold, and an ice room on the mountain will have a higher temperature compared to the outside.

As the search continues without any result, people from all over are talking about him and hoping for his safe return. They were reminiscing about whatever they remember about the man. One such tweet contained a video of him singing, and it is very emotional.

An emotional video of Ali Sadpara

The song he is singing has lyrics that loosely translate to “forget the world and come for my sake; I was wounded by your absence, come to me for the sake of the mountains.”

Watching the video and seeing him sing and dance, people started commenting on it, and it is unfathomable how someone you have not met, you get goosebumps, and you pray for him from the depth of your hearts.

Hopefully, it will be soon that he is rescued alive. We can only hope that he made an ice room because surviving in negative 48 to 60 degrees is not logically possible.

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