Samsung’s technology has taken over our lives. From smartphones to smart TVs and home appliances, the South Korean tech giant has made our lives efficient, easy, and convenient to say the least. The company which was founded on 01 Mar 1938 initially started as a grocery store. However, it wasn’t until 1970 that the company released its first electronic product which was a black-and-white TV.

Since Samsung’s history dates back decades, there are some of the company’s well-kept secrets and historical landmarks you must know.

1. Samsung’s Opera House 

Samsung’s Opera House is known as one of the largest Samsung stores in the world. Situated in Banglore India, the store houses some of the most expert technology experts from whom you can learn about a variety of things. The Samsung Opera House makes for a perfect visit for any technology geek.

2. Company’s ManPower 

Samsung is known for improving the skills of its workforce and manpower. One of the company’s motives is to make sure that all its employees offer top-notch skills with improved learning. Currently, the company house 2,36,000 employees from 79 countries all over the world.

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3. Quality Assurance 

The quality of Samsung’s products speaks for itself. The company is known to release some of the finest quality software and gadgets. Back in 1995, Samsung destroyed almost 150,000 smartphone unit’s which cost $40M simply because the quality of the lot didn’t meet the company’s expectations. Since then Samsung has always made sure not to compromise in quality.

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4. Brand Strategy

Samsung’s red ocean strategy to find out the flaws in their products always helps them eliminate the problems that might come up in their products unexpectedly. The company’s approach to launching one-a-kind statement products such as Galaxy note is what make the set apart from other brands.

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5. Samsung’s Innovation

Samsung’s innovative products have always set a standard among its rival companies. Samsung was the first to launch the digital TV in 1998. Meanwhile, the company also manufactured a mp3-supported phone in 1999 as well as its first 3D home theatre in 2010.

6. Samsung’s Supply Chain

Samsung is a pioneer in developing products. The company produces the spare parts of gadgets and tech at their own companies. Meanwhile, Samsung also produces spare parts for other big companies such as display and chips for their biggest competitor, Apple.

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