While utilizing ChatGPT to get assistance at work, Samsung employees unintentionally disclosed private information. The semiconductor division of Samsung has given engineers access to ChatGPT for source code verification.

According to The Economist Korea, on three separate instances, the data from Samsung was leaked online. One time, a worker posted a private source code into the conversation to check for mistakes. Another worker sent ChatGPT some code and “asked for code optimization.” A third person offered a meeting recording that might be used to create presentation notes. The information is currently available for ChatGPT to consume.

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Samsung Took Quick Action

Samsung has already responded by limiting ChatGPT uploads to 1024 bytes per user, and it is looking into who was responsible for the breach. To avoid further humiliating mishaps, it is also thinking about developing its own internal AI chatbot. Samsung might decide to recall some of its exposed data, but this is doubtful. Unless you request to opt-out, ChatGPT uses data to train its models, according to its data policy. Users are expressly cautioned not to disclose sensitive information in talks in the usage guide for ChatGPT.

Image source: open AI

To avoid any additional embarrassment, Samsung has also started an internal investigation into those responsible for the leak and is developing a custom internal chatbot.

AI Bots & Privacy Concerns 

Since the advent of AI chatbots, some digital privacy experts have raised concerns about issues like those Samsung is currently experiencing. Just yesterday, a George Washington University law professor disclosed that OpenAI’s ChatGPT had falsely accused him of sexual assault, which is a form of defamation and misinformation. Who is responsible for AI chatbots spreading false information about people that may have very significant effects on their reputations, and consequently, their careers and lives, the law expert questioned.

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