‘Boys will be boys’ is a tale as old as time. However, no matter how much we try to break this misogynistic notion down there is no running away from it especially now that the topic has sparked a debate on social media for being relevant enough to appear in a highly prestigious Central Superior Services (CSS) exam. Students appearing for the exams take months and even years to prepare for it. Those who are lucky enough to pass the exam get selected for the top beaurucratic posts in the country.

The nature of the extremely outstanding exam makes it one of the most credible ones in the country. However, the topic appeared in the paper on the very first day of the exam. People are shocked to see the extent to which our education system has taken a tumble.

A Twitter user shared his concern on the platform and wrote.

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The Internet Is Divided 

While the exam takers and aspirants were certainly preparing to write about national and international issues, ‘Boys will be boys’ has left the internet divided. While the majority thinks that this is a much-needed reform that can leave a positive impact others think that it was absolutely infantile.

Another user commented on the irrelevancy of the topics and how there was no effort done while trying to pick them out for the exams. Every title looks like a sentence picked from a random book or a piece of reading.

Meanwhile, some users identified the topics as tough and noted that if we ponder on them deeply, these topics are on social issues and can be easily cracked with some common sense by students since they are all about social surroundings.

What are your views regarding the situation at hand? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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