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Pakistanis have never been happy about paying taxes. A report by Tribune said that only 1.4m taxpayers submitted their annual returns for 2018.

While taxes are a legal requirement, there are many other reasons why paying them should be encouraged. The tax money we pay should be useful for our own welfare as a state, so that provision of education, medical, and other basic facilities can be made possible for the general public.

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However, after the PTI government rolled out the fiscal budget for 2019-20, it was revealed that taxes on even the most basic necessities increased a lot. From milk to sugar to fuel, prices are just soaring upwards and the public is not too pleased.

Amidst this chaos, the hashtag #BePakistaniPayTaxes has emerged on Twitter, and a live debate on why or why not taxes should be paid can be seen.

Paying taxes will help Pakistan become a self-reliant country, think many.

Even Veena Malik agrees, as she adds that she herself is a tax payer.

Definitely, one of the major ways to contribute to a debt-free country is to pay taxes.

Many support their decision to pay taxes saying that it is our taxes that will help the country prosper and grow economically.

PTI itself made a number of points in favor of paying taxes. One of them states that, when people eligible to pay taxes do not pay them, the lower class of the country suffers.

A PTI voter tweeted his point of view from a business owner’s perspective, saying that in order to be able to pay taxes, businesses must prosper. And naturally, it is difficult for businesses to succeed in an economy where the most basic goods and facilities are heavily taxed.

Another very important point was made by someone, stating that people can be expected to pay taxes after they are employed. In an economy where employment opportunities are decreasing and the market is suffering, you cannot expect the number of tax payers to increase.

A tweet by Asad Umar makes for a good bottom-line on the subject.

It is also important to note, however, that when the government goes against the rules to do favours for its ministers, it discourages the public from paying taxes.

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