Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has restricted the usage of social media, including streaming on websites and excessive downloads via official internet for all users.

The new policy issued by the Board, with the approval of FBR Chairman, restricts internet usage for all official business and bans using social media, streaming sites, and excessive downloads.

FBR’s Member Information Technology Khawaja Adnan Zaheer shared that a copy of the new policy has been sent out to all members including Chief Commissioners Inland Revenues (IR) and Customs Collectorates.

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It states that the following internet policy shall be observed across the Federal Board of Revenue and its field formation (Customs & IRS) including all directorate generals and allied offices with immediate effect without any exception to meet with seamless internet connectivity and optimum utilization of allocated bandwidth and to secure internal correspondence.

The following rules and regulations have been mentioned within the policy:

A) Official internet connectivity including local area network, WiFi networking and FBR unified network (FUN) shall only be used for official business.

B) All types of social media, streaming sites and excessive downloads for all users, shall remain inaccessible from official connectivity. Only WhatsApp communications will be allowed.

C) YouTube and other video downloading shall remain inaccessible.

D) There will be a complete restriction on the deployment of Wireless Routers/Access Points by individual offices, while there is the availability of high-speed LAN connectivity except with the approval of IT-Wing justifying the requirement.

E) WiFi access codes and credentials shall not be shared with unauthorized users.

F) Email communications, for official business, shall only be made through official email address already allotted to each officer. Any request made through private email address shall not be entertained.

G) Downloading of heavy files (above 20MB) shall be restricted. All such requests shall be forwarded to the designated IT Support Team in the respective office. Proper record of such official business shall be maintained by such nominated support team.

Now, these new set of rules have us wondering if FBR’s policy will be adapted by other official bodies and eventually be followed by the federal system all across Pakistan?

We shall wait and watch, till then, stay tuned to Brandsynario for more news and updates.

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