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Apple has been quite successful in a lot of its product launches in recent years. Even if we go as far back as a decade, we can see quite a lot of innovation being done on their front. The company strives to produce the latest in each domain, no matter what domain it is. The iPhone lineup has been quite strong in the last two years, especially when they released the A14 Bionic chip and now the A15. Looking at the MacOS lineup, the M1 chip has been quite brilliant is yielding impressive results.

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The iPhone became a big thing first more than a decade ago. Now, it seems that the next big thing of Apple is nearby. Yes, we are talking about a product that is going to shake up a lot of things in the market. No matter which domain Apple moves into, they bring innovation. So, what is this next big thing whose introduction we could see in the next year or so? It must be something apart from the metaverse because that is already an evolving concept.

Apple with the next big thing in 2022
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Apple And Next Big Thing

According to sources, the next big thing, for Apple, could be AR/VR. If we go specific, Apple could be aiming to release and innovate on AR/VR glasses. These would provide immersive experiences for anyone who wishes to wear them. Not only that, but this would signify a shift in dynamics for the company since it would be entering a whole new domain. We are aware of the Facebook glasses but this might just be something quite greater. Plus, one of the best things about Apple is its ecosystem and how everything has connected that system. The glasses are sure to become a solid part of that as well.

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We are not aware of any particular name that is going to be given to the glasses but we can expect something like ‘iGlass’. It is set to be the next big thing for Apple. The release date has not been confirmed yet either. It was pushed forward from 2020 and now we might expect it somewhere in 2022. There are no promises of this but one can hope, can’t they?!

vr and ar glasses by Apple as big thing
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Looking Towards The Future

That said, let us see what the new year brings us. We are nearly into it and there is a lot to look forward to. Who knows, maybe Apple releases information on their car as well!

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