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Samsung has been working quite hard to make sure the customers are satisfied. It is one of the fastest-rising brands of today and has cemented itself well in history. When it comes to Samsung, one cannot go wrong with a flagship product sale. If we take a look at devices of the last decade, we can see quite a lot of improvement. Additionally, the brand’s S-series and Note-series have always been noteworthy. These two lines of smartphones have always given the brand an upper hand.

Now, it seems that a patent has been put forward for a new type of design. There was, previously, a lot of talk on it but we weren’t sure of the level of development. However, the South Korean tech giant has confirmed that a tri-folding smartphone and tablet is in the works. Patent details and design configurations have been released that attest to this very fact. No matter which device you are a fan of, you might be intrigued by this!

samsung with new details on phone
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Samsung And Tri-Folding Phone

In the latest design that was put forward, Samsung has quite an innovative ‘Z’ formation smartphone in the making. It is one device that can unfold to become three screens wide. The unfolded device is seamless and feels just like a huge tablet. Similarly, there are hinges between the pieces of the screen to make a ‘Z’ shape when folding and unfolding it. Apart from that, the device supports S-pen features as well as many other features.

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There is no doubt that this is a major step forward by Samsung. They have always thought ahead of the competition and this part is no different. Looking at how many tri-folding patents we have seen, we have still to see an official statement from the company that confirms this. However, we can hope for the best!

samsung and new trifolding phone
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Innovative Designs

That said, we hope to see more and more innovation by Samsung in the coming years. The company is rising fast and is surely going to reside as a champion for times to come. Their innovations have put them ahead of much of the competition by a long shot. Not only in smartphones but in other tech devices, Samsung seems to have the upper hand right now. The tri-folding smartphone is just the start of an incoming age of folding devices.

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Putting a patent on this shows the level of dedication that the company has for this product. Who knows what other products the company has up its sleeve. The tri-folding one seems to be just the start. Soon, they may start diving into technology that focuses more on virtual presences rather than physical ones, such as holograms and more.

samsung with tri-folding phone and details
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