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Apple has made life quite easy with its innovations. The iPhone is quite an impressive product. It must be regarded as such. Whether you are a fan of the old products or new ones, Apple always has something for you. Steve Jobs might just be quite proud of the legacy that has been left behind. The iPhone 12 has a lot of impressive specifications so it is not a bad investment.

If you have an older iPhone model and wish to get a new one, it is possible to do so. However, there are some things that you must do before you sell your phone. These are critical and can possibly save you from a lot of inconvenience and hassle.

iPhone things to do before selling
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1. Unpair The Apple Watch:

Using an Apple watch can be quite an amazing experience. One feels like they may have stepped into the near future already. However, it is important to make sure that your Apple Watch is not paired with the iPhone.

2. Backup Your Data:

When you decide to sell the phone, you would probably want to erase all the existing data on it. However, before you do so, you ought to back it up on the cloud or the drive. This way, when you get the new iPhone, you can always retrieve your data.

iPhone and important things
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3. Turn Off ‘Find my iPhone’:

This can be done through the settings in the iPhone itself. It is important because the new owner may want to use that feature too. So, do keep an eye on whether you have reset this option or not. You may be prompted to enter your Apple ID or password to turn it off.

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4. Remove iPhone From Apple ID Account:

It can be considered a good idea to remove your device from the website. This way, it will no longer appear as registered to you. While you are at it, do make sure that you log your iPhone out from any apps that you have. You wouldn’t want the next owner to be finding open accounts of you on the phone.

saving data on an iPhone
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5. Log Out Of App Store:

This is another incredibly vital thing to do. When you are thinking to sell the phone, make sure to log out of your app store. Any transactions made on the app store require your password or fingerprint. The new owner may not be able to download new apps due to this.

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6. Unlock Your Phone:

If you are willing to sell your phone that can travel abroad, it would be a good idea to unlock it. This means that the phone becomes usable on any GSM network in most parts of the world. If you don’t unlock, then the next person may have to go through the hassle of doing it. Additionally, an unlocked phone can even get you a higher sale price.

unlock Phone before selling
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