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Social media provides a great platform to help businesses promote and connect with their audience without any geographical limitations. The growing popularity of social media has turned many businesses into multi-million-dollar companies, all thanks to the power of social media marketing.

However, social media is not always a positive driving force behind your business. Many businesses have lost potential customers, gained bad reputations and even gone out of business as a result of a negative social media portrayal. Hence, a poor social media presence on such a valuable marketing platform can be perilous for your business.

Here are the top five ways to protect your business from a negative reputation on social media.

1. Monitor Negative Reviews

Maintaining a good brand image also requires monitoring customer reviews. Negative reviews can convince shoppers not to purchase a brand’s products. Counterfeit products can generate many negative reviews.

Responding to bad reviews also shows other shoppers that customer service is important to the brand and, therefore, could help to counteract the damage. Negative reviews provide helpful feedback and identify how a product is not meeting consumers’ needs.

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2. Avoid Paid Followers

It is not uncommon for businesses to buy large numbers of online followers to appear more ‘popular’ on social media. What many businesses fail to consider, is that the majority of ‘paid followers’ are fake and are run by artificial bots. This focus on quantity not quality will be highly detrimental to your business’s engagement levels and furthermore, will give an unrealistic representation of the effectiveness of your business’s social media marketing strategy.

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3. Reward Honest Content

You can’t completely protect yourself against fake content, but you can reward honest content. For example, display verified authenticity badges that instantly filter out authentic content and questionable content for shoppers. By rewarding authentic content, you show shoppers you value the truth.

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4. Respond To Negative Reviews

Genuine negative reviews are not necessarily bad. In fact, negative reviews can be used as a way to build engagement with your customers by addressing pain points and questions that they might have. This not only shows that you care about what they think, but that you also aim to give them a satisfactory experience.

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5. Targeted Approach 

Use email targeting to solicit reviews from customers who have recently purchased from you. Amazon usually sends such emails within three to five days of your purchase. They also give you the option to send text, video, or image reviews, which is an ideal practice to add variety and authenticity.

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