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As most of you already know, your car’s brake system plays a super important part in keeping you safe.

Brakes not only help you bring your speed down and stop the vehicle eventually but also help in avoiding collisions at stops and signals.

But, what a lot of drivers don’t know is that the brake is also one of the most ignored car parts. Careless drivers are always slamming it, ignoring its signs, eventually leading to failure.

But before the brakes fail, they start to act up, signaling the driver that something is not right.

5 Reasons Why Your Car Brakes Are Working

If you are a driver and are wondering why your brakes are working pathetically, it’s likely due to the following reasons:

1. Squishy Brakes

squishy brakes
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If you hit the brakes and if feels ‘squishy,’ then there is a MAJOR problem at your end! Cars with such brakes do not slow down in one go; sometimes, it needs to be pumped. At times, there is no resistance, and the pedal sinks to the floor.

This is a warning sign that the car needs to be stopped with immediate effect, and you need to show it either to a mechanic or an expert. It won’t take long before you meet an accident if you continue to ignore this sign.

2. Debris or Grime 


When not properly cared for and serviced, the brake plates start becoming submerged in grime and debris. This is yet another factor that deteriorates your car’s braking performance. If you hear grinding noises and feel a weird vibration each time you press the pedal, you need to get rid of the gunk before it causes irreplaceable damage to the rotor.

3. Don’t Hit The Brakes Too Hard!

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Your car is your investment, so don’t drive it like you are the next racing champion. For the longer run of this investment, always drive sensibly and don’t go for tearing the track. This racing acceleration, sudden push put a lot of stress on the main parts of your car.

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4. Hissing Or Chirping Engine

hissing brake sound

If you can hear constant chirping or hissing coming from the engine while you drive, take your car to a mechanic right away. This noise can be caused by worn-out brakes, which may not be able to stop your vehicle at a safe distance if ignored.

5. Squealing Or Grinding Brakes

squishy brakes

Brakes at times make groaning and grinding and squealing noises when the pads are damp.

Be a sensible driver and do something about your car’s braking system if it’s acting pathetic; it may mostly be because of you!

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