Everyone wants their car to run longer than its average lifespan as it is one of the most valuable possessions upon which you’re heavily reliant.

With proper maintenance and care, you can maximize its lifespan that is beneficial for years. Not only that, maintaining your car means ensuring its value does not hit rock bottom just in case if you are considering selling it.

Extend your car’s life by following the following; 7 easy ways to maintain your ride;

1. Repair Timely

Always pay attention to the minor issues timely and never take them for granted. If your car is tilting towards one side or humming when AC is turned on, don’t leave it unnoticed deliberately. Repair it as soon as possible before it gets big and cost more damage to your car.

2. Regular Oil Change 

If you want your car to run smoothly and function properly, make a habit of changing the oil regularly. It will help the car’s engine to operate well and prevent friction between the parts that can cause further damage. There is a schedule recommended for this process for each vehicle in its manual, so follow it always.

3. Check Rest of the Fluids Periodically

Your car performance is optimized by not only engine oil but many other fluids too. Transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and mixed coolant are those fluids on which your car functionality is dependent. Keep checking them after a certain period or ask a mechanic to check all these during service.

4. Replace the Air Filter Regularly

Exercise this practice of replacing air filters regularly because dirty filters will affect your car acceleration. It can be quickly done at home, and all you need to have is a few tools and basic knowledge about it.

5. Eyes on Tire Pressure

Keeps the tires inflated as it will help to improve gas mileage as well as a general operation on the road. It is perhaps one of the most natural activities in car maintenance, which will give protection against tire wear and other such problems.

6. Avoid Cold Starts with Time Management

As cold starts are hard on the engine, try to avoid it is harmful to a car’s mechanical elements. Try to skip short trips and run your vehicle in a more extended sequence with effective time management as per your needs. Short trips don’t keep everything warm and lubricated in the car and hence reduces the life of the muffler.

7. Drive Sensibly & Don’t Hit the Brakes too Hard!

Your car is your investment, so don’t drive it like you are the next racing champion. For the longer run of this investment, always drive sensibly and don’t go for tearing the track. This racing acceleration, sudden push put a lot of stress on the main parts of your car.

Try these helpful tips out, and if you have any fantastic tricks up your sleeves for us, feel free for is to know your thoughts.