Worst Driving Habits
Credits: zeroto60times

Driving is comfortable for some, for others, not so much. You may have been asked time and time again, what makes a good driver? Is it the car? The experience?

Well, the reality is no matter how good a driver is, there are times when even the best of the best make mistakes.

Sometimes, enthusiasts don’t even realize when the deed has been done!

1. Not Using Indicators

Car Indicator
Credits: DriveSpark

One of the terrible habits almost every other driver in Pakistan has is not using the indicator! Indicators help the person behind you as well as in front of you know where you wish to turn or switch lanes. This helps in the prevention of crashes by sudden movement. Unfortunately for many of us become victims to it and end up with casualties at times.

2. Sudden Braking

Slamming the brakes
Credits: carolinebergeron

Another nasty habit of Pakistani drivers includes the urge to slamming the brakes without warning! Often, the driver behind finds themselves slammed into the back of the driver’s car. This is something we all have witnessed or experienced at least once in our lives.

3. Rough Driving

Rough Driving
Credits: Digital Trends

Just because you see an empty road, that doesn’t permit you to play a game of Need for Speed acting like ‘daddy owns the road.’ We all know pedestrians, like the ghosts in Pac-Man, appear out of nowhere to spook the living hell out of us! Too bad there aren’t dots around.

4. Honking at the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time

Credits: Digital Trends

Every other driver thinks their car, or at least the vehicle of the person in front of them is Pegasus, you the know the horse with wings that magically fly itself out of a traffic jam! Well, welcome to reality, cars can’t fly, not yet that is, and traffic jams are a part of our everyday routine, learn to live with it!

5. Save the Gossips for the Tea

Credits: Wurrly

Families love to gossip, dance, have fun, especially on a road trip. However, this can easily divert the driver’s concentration from off the road! Passengers need to understand the importance of giving a particular environment to the driver. And instead of ignoring it and letting passengers do what they want, one should learn to speak up.

6. Bonus: Using Phones While Driving

texting and driving
Credits: Drivers Alert

I don’t know about you guys, but I would like to see myself enjoying the beach-side with my loved ones about 20 years down the line. For this to happen, you need to stop texting/calling and driving, or else I can windup under your car. If not me, then someone’s child, mother, sibling, or grandparent may.

Countless times it has been warned that if you want to use your phone that badly, park on the side, get on with your business, and then get back in the car. Do not risk another person’s life for a text message that could have waited.

What other dangerously annoying habits do drivers have? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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