pakistani youth Independence Day campaigns
Image Source: Daily Times

Imagine a brand not conducting a campaign culturally relevant to the audience. The audience will not feel connected and will eventually drift away. While campaigns for Black Friday may not be as relevant to Pakistan, but campaigns for Ramadan, Eids, and Independence Day are something the entire nation looks forward to.

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Today, we have compiled a list of all brands that are celebrating Pakistan’s 74th  Independence Day with thoughtful campaigns. We will keep updating the list as more brands join the race.

1. Kamran Steel

An ad that is bound to give you goosebumps was released by Kamran Steels. As the category of the brand suggests, the ad had to have the ‘strength’ factor in it and they show it beautifully. They show it in a way that every statement is relevant and relatable. Imagine a Pakistani saying they will be celebrating 15th August. Would they not be faced with extremists? But this ad shows that the strength of patriotism is not limited to 14th August, because every day is 14th August.

2. Bonanza Satrangi

Bonanza is conducting the Independence Day campaign in its own style. The brand has, in its stores, employees wearing green and white. You can see their entire staff in Pakistani flag colors. It feels so refreshing when you walk into a store during August and find this. Just to be greeted by this team, I would get a ticket to Lahore, but it’s COVID time so I will have to make do with brands in Karachi.

3. Meezan Bank

In celebrating Independence Day or Azaadi, Meezan Bank has gone with the idea of ‘Call To Action’.

Azaad meaning free, Meezan Bank has shared a meaningful caption; This independence day, azaad Pakistan from waste.

They have paired it with a daunting fact; Pakistan generates about 20 million tons of solid waste a year. If we average it across the 200 million population, it will bring the stats to be almost 100 kg waste per person. As a viewer, I am horrified by these stats but for a call to action campaign, it certainly has me moving.

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4. Ideas By Gul Ahmed

An Independence Day campaign which also announces sales, you can’t get more intelligent than that. Ideas By Gul Ahmed does it.

In their campaign, they show the different ways azaadi can be defined. For each Pakistani, azaadi looks different. For a bike rider, it is their speed; in the case of an athlete, it is their game; for a writer, it is their words; in short, everyone is azaad, and this azaadi is given by none other than our country, an azaad Pakistan.

There must be more independence day campaigns on way. As 14th August nears, brands will soon be releasing them. But don’t you worry, we will keep updating the list whenever something worthwhile comes up.

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