Ramadan Campaigns
Image Source: Synergyzer

Each Ramadan, brands grace us with campaigns that tell a story, and those stories are capable of plunging you into a roller coaster ride of emotions. Maybe it is the time of the year, or perhaps it’s because we are fasting that the messages in these ad campaigns hit you at a different level. Today, we have compiled some of the Pakistani brands and their Ramadan campaigns that must be watched. You will surely be impressed.

1. Kashmir Cooking Oil

Cooking oil brands usually display a mother teaching her daughter how to cook. Once the food is cooked, the smell attracts everyone else. But Kashmir changed the narrative. They brought in family traditions in the ad that featured Manzar Sehbai. For their Ramadan campaign, they built upon that and gave yet another crucial lesson. In a society where all the iftar preparation becomes the sole responsibility of a woman, the ad shows how the male members of the family acknowledge that women also fast.

2. Mezan Cooking Oil

Featuring Shoaib Akhtar, Mezan oil presents a campaign that moves you to the core. It gives the message of spreading kindness and not just to your fellow humans, but to every living thing because they deserve it.

3. Jazaa Food

Embracing people this Ramadan is the concept behind Jazaa Foods ad. And it’s these little things that will increase your good deed register.

4. foodpanda

foodpanda brings a similar thought. The thought is that while the people whose job it is to serve you do that away from their own families, you can try and make them feel welcome in your home.

5. Coca-Cola Pakistan

Inclusivity in their ad, Coca-Cola shares the message of friendship with strangers because even your current friends and loved ones were, at some point, strangers to you.

6. Tang Pakistan

Spreading goodness, Tang Pakistan also joins the Ramadan campaign conversation.

7. Qarshi Jam-e-Shirin

Qarshi Jam-e-Shirin’s Ramadan ad is one that touches your heartstrings in the most adorable way ever. It has a taxi driver who reaches home in time to do iftar at home when realizing that his last passenger’s grocery is still in the car. Sacrificing his time with family, he goes back all the way to deliver their Jam-e-Shirin and the other content. That effort is reciprocated by the passenger who invites him to do iftar with them.

It’s just the first day of Ramadan. Surely, more brands will follow suit with their own campaigns, so here is what we are going to do. As Ramadan will near its end, we will compile a list of the best Ramadan campaigns. Until then, enjoy this list.

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