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The novel Coronavirus pandemic or COVID-19 has the world in a state of panic, but in the words of our very own Prime Minister Imran Khan, “Aap ne ghabrana nahin hai.”

While news of the COVID-19 increasing over time, taking lives, and putting countries on lockdown has us sad and depressed, but there are also other events happening around the world that are being missed out.

Even though we cannot stop the inevitable, the least we can do is focus on the happier things around the world that can surely take our minds off the virus.

So here are 10 things happening around the globe that are NOT related to the Coronavirus!

10. Brad Pitt is Now on Instagram!

For all you Pitt lovers out there, Brad Pitt is finally on Instagram. The last time humanity rejoiced on similar news was when Jennifer Aniston made her account and made a world record of having the most followers in the least amount of time!

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9. HUGE & Possibly-World-Ending- Asteroid will Fly Past Earth!

Yes, a killer-size asteroid will fly right at Earth! Measuring up to 2.5 miles wide, the asteroid will be making an uncomfortably close call with our planet. According to NASA, the asteroid should float by Earth on April 29th! PS – NASA has been tracking the asteroid since 1987!

8. Dengue Fever Cases Rising at Alarming Rate

According to the Directorate General of Health Services, the total number of dengue patients admitted in 2020 by far is almost four times higher than that of this time last year! Cases have been increasing world-wide at a very alarming rate!

7. There is One Less HIV Patient in the World!

A patient belonging from London no longer is HIV-positive after a successful stem transplant. He is now the second man in the world to have gone through this procedure and to be treated from the disease.

6. WhatsApp is Launching Self-Destruct Messages

Admit it, you’ve sent wrong messages to people by mistake long before the introduction of the ‘delete for everyone’ feature came out and literally prayed for it. Now, WhatsApp is working on self-destroying messages after being highly inspired by Snapchat, once again!

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5. Apple May Lose Millions of Customers After this HUGE Mistake

According to Forbes, there is a very serious OS 13 cellular bug that is consuming a lot of consumer mobile data leading to a huge increase in bills. Moreover, switching off mobile data will not stop it from costing millions of iPhone users extra money…The only solution for some has been to shut down their iPhones … completely!

4. “India is dying to work with Pakistan” -Shoaib Akhtar 

According to Rawalpindi express or Shoaib Akhtar, India is actually dying to work with Pakistan. “India is a great place, people are amazing. I never felt they wanted any hostility or any kind of war with Pakistan. But when I went to their televisions, etc. I feel like a war is going to happen tomorrow. I have traveled a lot to India, have seen the country very closely, I can say today that India is dying to work with Pakistan. India’s path of progress is through Pakistan, I am convinced, ”Akhtar said during the chat show.

3. According to a Source, Meghan Markle Got ‘Exactly What She Wanted’ With Royal Exit!

Well, well, well… according to a source, the actress-turned-royal-turned-ordinary person, Megan Markle got ‘exactly what she wanted’ after she and husband took the unpopular Royal Exit. While it’s no secret that Meghan was not liked by the Queen, we are happy that Markle is enjoying her present days with baby Archie.

2. Fifty Shades Freed is No Longer #1 in Top 10 Netflix Shows in Pakistan

For almost 2 weeks, ‘Fifty Shades Freed’ dominated #1 on the Top 10 in Pakistan Today list. However as of today, 18th March, ‘Elite’ has taken over this ranking while Indian movie ‘Guilty’ ranks 3rd.

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1. Sophie Turner Thought Joe Jonas was ‘Catfishing’ Her!

During an interview with Elle, the 24-year-old Game of Thrones star revealed that she had initially thought that the singer had been “catfishing” her after he approached her on one of her social media accounts!

What do you think about this global news?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


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