Inflation has hit the sky, and a massive rise in petrol prices has everyone stressed out. However, the spirits are as high as ever. Not to mention the strong meme game. The hilarious memes are the best thing we got in response to the increasing petrol prices, which makes us forget about all the worries for a while.

If you have been away from Instagram and Twitter for a while, you sure need to catch up with some of the gold memes.

We are starting with this one! If you never got the chance to brag about your international trip, then you have all the right to brag about a trip to the pump!

If there is one thing classic in the meme world, it’s the ‘Hera Pheri’ memes. No event is complete without at least a single meme made on the movie.

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If you have ever dreamed about living on the moon, right now will be the best time to pack your bags. But then again, who can afford to bear the cost of the spaceship fuel? Just saying!

Only if these two were mutually exclusive!

Twitter Reacts 

Twitter has got no chill like ever! If you have not checked the Twitter memes, you are actually missing out.

Who wants to go for fine dining when you can go to the most expensive place in town?

This car is making us want to go back to the era of the Flintstones.

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How many iconic memes have you spotted on the internet? Let us know your favourite meme in the comments below.

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