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Most parents are able to display good parenting. However, we cannot shy away from the fact that most of us are burdened with society’s expectations. Before we are able to manage ourselves, be mentally stable, we begin having kids. Slight inconvenience and we lash out at kids whose young minds are forever affected. This lashing out is seen as a legit parenting tactic because that’s what our parents did. However, should you realize where you are wrong, you can choose the following Pakistani ads to learn good parenting from.

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1. 7Up

7Up featured a boy who had a minor accident where the car sustained damage. The boy is scared because of the loss he has incurred. But he does not lie and states what he has done. Instead of giving him a beating or a sarcastic remark, the father acknowledges it because he knows that if he lashes out today, the kid will lie tomorrow.

2. Cake Up

This microfilm ad by Peek Freans is just a masterpiece when it comes to being there for your child. In the ad, you will find a mother who has to do the second shift; she is a full-time professional but also a full-time homemaker. And while she may get wrapped up in other tasks, she makes sure that her son knows she heard him.

3. Kisan

Good parent includes portraying a good parent-in-law. Kisan’s TVC shows parents surprising their married son in his new house. Not only did they show it okay to live separately but also that the saas does not hold her bahu accountable for household chores.

4. Surf Excel

Surf Excel ads are always good tutorials for parents. They have a narrative but they always portray it nicely.

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The idea is to not shout, scream, and school kids when they are doing an act with good intentions. Because once you do it, they will never do a thing they believe to be good at the core. And that would be because their minds would make the connection that good can possibly lead to a beating.

5. Shan

Shan Foods made an ad that can surely bring tears to your eyes. It shows a girl that gets schooled by her father. But the father keeps a balance because he doesn’t attach society enforced roles from her.

Don’t cry just yet. Make sure you learn these good parenting tactics. This way, seventeen years down the line, you will not be wondering why your kids are ill-mannered.

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