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Yasra Rizvi has always been known to give her two cents on issues that really matter. The actress is insanely talented as her Churails performance proved and beyond that, she is an inspirational woman who uses her social media to make people aware. Recently, Rizvi shared a post on forced marriages and divorces that is incredibly powerful. Here’s why you need to see it.

Yasra Rizvi’s Stance on Forced Marriages

Rizvi posted a picture on her social media account which speaks a thousand words. The actress has her hands tied in several chains. However, the most interesting part is her get-up as a bride. She has mehndi on, jewellery on, and is also decked in makeup. Now, compare the outlook of a bride with a woman in chains— that’s exactly the message the actress is bringing home.


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A Caption To Drive Change

She further added a powerful caption to that picture to ensure everyone understands its purposefully. The actress urges people to intervene when they see a woman being beaten up by her male relative— whoever he may be but especially husbands. In our society, domestic abuse is swept under the rug as an “internal affair” between husband and wife.


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Yasra Rizvi wants people to know that interfering when they see this happen is important. Why? Because doing so is better than mourning the death of women, of our loved ones, when the same internal affair gets out of hand. Rizvi also has a way with words that gives us goosebumps. Being polite can cost us the life of a loved one— let that sink in!

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Forced Marriages and Divorces

In South-Asian culture, forced marriages are common and divorces are forbidden. Women of age are often given to families out of familial ties without their consent. As a result, the woman or even her family can never judge the man’s character. Moreover, even when marriages do go south, divorce is looked down on in our culture more than anything.

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It is a sign of shame, disrespect and an announcement of the woman’s life being over. What these two things do together is create a toxic culture that forces women to tolerate abuse. If we have learnt anything in recent years it is that abuse must be called out, must be fought against and must never be tolerated. Kudos to Yasra Rizvi for speaking out!

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