Yashma Gill is receiving backlash from critics for covering her head during azaan and it’s for a reason you could never expect.

The celebrity was recently filmed by a friend. In the clip, Gill was seen wearing a shopping bag on her head. When asked the reason, she replied ‘Azaan horae ha, aur kuch nae tha.’

Her crude gesture towards Azaan has been receiving backlash ever since. The netizens and critics alike are not happy with the disrespect the actress showed towards Azaan.

Here’s the video for your reference below:


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Criticism & Comments

Criticism was only predictable as Yashma has triggered netizens quite often with her dressing choices and the things she does which also tends to trigger netizens.

In the comments section, the actress was told to carry a dupatta, meanwhile, others mentioned that it is not compulsory to cover the head and is only done out of respect.

While others bashed the actress for covering her body not just her head. Some even commented how it is a compulsion to cover the head all the time and not just during azaan. The level of criticism and hate faced by celebrities in the comments section is totally on another level.

Here’s the response to the video in the comments below.

Image source: Instagram
Image source: Instagram

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