Iqrar Ul Hassan’s marriages have become a topic of social media debate and the anchor has recently shared his two cents about his marriages and how they all strive to maintain a balance between them.

Iqrar Ul Hassan’s Marriages 

With the rumors of Iqrar Ul Hassan’s third marriage on the rise, the anchor has recently shut down the news in his latest podcast while discussing his relationship with his first and second wives. While it might come as a surprise to many Iqrar Ul Hassan had a love marriage both of the times and the role of his first wife has been commendable in his second marriage according to him.

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While discussing his relationships Iqrar Ul Hassan mentioned that his circumstances are not similar to anyone else who had a second marriage and his first wife gets the most credit as she showed poise and grace throughout the process since she knew everything.

While discussing the matters he added that while he couldn’t discuss the issues that were going on after the marriage he sure received criticism and remarks from many.

‘Allah has been very kind to me. Especially if you go ahead with a neat heart. I won’t say that I’m the one to keep things aligned or that credit goes to me, but Allah has made both of these women so kind, that never in my life once I have had any kind of problem be it big or small.’

While talking about spending leisure time with his family he said,

‘My wives have never made comparisons and they have never complained about my presence or absence. If I get a call from one I  go and spend time with them. Never there is any issue about how many nights I have to spend with my first wife or second wife.’

For a complete interview and his thoughts on marriage check out the link given above.

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