Khalil Ur Rehman is as controversial as he can get in his latest podcast interview and his thoughts on infidelity for men and women are raising concerns.

Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar recently appeared on a podcast show and shared his two cents about men cheating on their wives. When asked about what he thinks of giving women the same right to cheat, he lashes out at the host and asks him to stop counter-questioning the guest.

A question, that host asked him ‘What one should do if their husband goes out looking for other women despite being happily married?’

‘In our society, 90% of parents don’t give the right to their daughters to marry according to their will. The issue stems from here. The lack of communication in such marriages led men to look for other women to satisfy their needs.’ He said.

Check out his views about marriage on the podcast below.

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Concluding that ‘If both men are women are united in a relationship that is homogeneous instances of infidelity and cheating happen very rarely.’

When asked why women shouldn’t be given the same rights, Khalil ur Rehman said that it is due to their ability to conceive that women should never be allowed to engage in multiple relationships.

‘If you are allowing women to cheat then you must give up the men’s right to marry multiple times.’

Concluding the conversation he said that marriages should be done by the will of both men and women and in such cases there would be very less chances of divorces and breakups.

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