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[Update: August 9th, 2021]: Xiaomi had overthrown Apple in the IDC list as World’s 2nd biggest smartphone manufacturer not too long ago. Samsung, however, was still at the top. Now, Xiaomi has added one more achievement to its name after the firm, Counterpoint, published their research.

According to the research, with Xiaomi’s sales growing to 26%, it has established a 17.1% market share globally. For the same time period, Apple stands at 14.3% and Samsung stands at 15.7%. Therefore, Xiaomi is now the biggest smartphone vendor. Since 2011, the brand has shipped more than 800 million phones all over the world.

Additionally, Xiaomi was also noted as the biggest smartphone brand in the European region as well.

[August 2nd, 2021]: While the rivalry of Samsung and Apple users may continue, the former is still at the top of the IDC list. Now, bad news for Apple, but they have moved further down. Xiaomi has occupied its place, becoming the second-biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world.

IDC list was made at the end of the second quarter of 2021. It accounts for shipment volumes, year-over-year growth, and market share. Counting all of that, IDC deduced the result which led to quite an uproar. The report was first revealed by Canalys Research, and then, reaffirmed by the IDC analyst.

Xiaomi – the second biggest smartphone manufacturer 

Xiaomi attained the position of being the second-biggest smartphone manufacturer having shipped 53.1 million units. Last year, the number stood at 28.1 million units. The market share it occupies is at 16.9%. For Xiaomi, the year-over-year growth, according to IDC, stands at 86.6%.

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One important fact, however, is that in calculating the figures, they have included all brands of a manufacturer. Therefore, when calculating for Xiaomi, they included Poco and Redmi as well.

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Where does Samsung stand right now?

Even though the market share of the biggest smartphone manufacturer dipped in value, it retained its position. Samsung currently has over 59 million shipments, four times what it was in the second quarter of 2020. Even with this number, the market share went down by 0.7%: previously, it was 19.5%, now, 18.8%.

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Apple and the others

Apple stands at the 3rd, while Oppo and Vivo occupy 4th and 5th in the list. The stats for Apple show that it has made 44.2 million shipments and has a 14.1% market share. Comparatively speaking, the numbers of the company have increased from last year. Previously, it stood at 37.6 million shipments and 13.6% market share.

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Oppo and Vivo also witnessed an increase in shipments but talking about Apple, it is not that unthinkable to see it sink on the list. Your shipments increase when people have the buying power. Considering Apple does not target everyone, it is understandable that they occupy a second or a third place.

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