Celebrity and actress Shazeal Shoukat was recently invited to ‘Had Kardi’ – a show by Momin Saqib. In her interview, the actress talked about what is looking for in a partner and a strange proposal she received a few years ago.

Shazeal Shoukat At Momin Saqib Show

The actress while talking about her interaction with fans shared an instance where she received a DM from a stranger asking her to marry in exchange for a Range Rover.

‘I got a DM where someone asked me to marry him, I’ll give you a Range Rover.’ 

Her hilarious response to the DM was surely surprising she said ‘Bro I can give you two range rovers, what is this behavior?’

Another hilarious DM she shared is a person who asked her every day to wake up for Tahajjud.

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While discussing what she wants in a life partner and whether she has any plans of getting married Shazeal says she wants to marry someone she is in love with.

Shazeal Shoukat later described her definition of love, ‘Love for me is putting my needs before him and his needs before me.’

‘Putting his needs before mine would be the most important thing and that is love for me.’

While talking about the person she is going to marry Shazeal says that she would never be with a partner who would not prioritize her career or would have a problem with that.

Shazeal has performed an item song for a movie and talking about the experience she said that she loves dancing and she just wanted to do it without thinking about the criticism from the public.

To watch the detailed interview check out the video link mentioned above.

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